Smooth Like Butter

We carry a compelling portfolio of butters with a range functionality and applications in personal care. Our butters are​ the highest quality and designed to support our customer base throughout the value chain. We are always developing new products to enrich our range and support our customer's needs.


Natural Butters 

BioAktive Shea-35M, a natural derived fat derived from the nut of the African shea tree.

BioAktive Cocoa-38M,  derived from the natural fat of the cocoa bean.


BioAktive PureButter Olive

BioAktive PureButter Almond

BioAktive PureButter Avocado

BioAktive PureButter Rice

BioAktive PureButter Jojoba

Our PureButters are based on Shea-35M (Sheabutter) and are specially formulated blends of natural derived ingredients with the consistancy of a butter.


BioAktive PrimeButter Olive

BioAktive PrimeButter Sweet Almond

BioAktive PrimeButter Rice

BioAktive PrimeButter Jojoba

BioAktive PrimeButter Aby (based on Abyssinian Oil)

BioAktive PrimeButter Lime

PrimeButters are formulated compounds made from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and Vegetable Oil giving the names of the butters.


Olive SuperPrime is the high point of our butter range. It is a unique and innovative butter made only from Olive. This mono-product is the ideal ingredient for use in body lotions and popular body butters. Its melting point produces an extraordinary smooth and creamy skin feel.