Guide Formulation

Easy Sprayable Emulsion for Microbiome Health

Dry Touch


Postbiotic Skin Support


powered by HydraMaxx


Our new guide formulation showcases three of BioAktive's products in this easy to make spray emulsion.  Showcasing the ability to adjust viscosity with HydraMaxx I, we have a formulation that features our plant based silicone alternative, Natralite One, giving the emulsion a very dry and non greasy skin feel.


We also take this as an opportunity to present LactoRice, part of a new range of microbiome products BioAktive will launch in Q2 2022. 


LactoRice combines Lactobacillus and Rice Ferment for a powerful postbiotic ingredient that can effectively improve skin hydration and reduce skin redness.

Image by dusan jovic

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