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Plant Based Alternative to Silicone

Natralite is a range of plant-based emollients with excellent spreading ability and quick skin absorption giving a luxurious, smooth skin feel similar to silicone oil.

Natralite products are formulated using natural ingredients or derivatives of natural products. The unique composition of these products combines a care and protection.

Silicone-free . EO/PEG-free . Acrylate-free . EDTA-free 

Preservative Free . High Stability

Natralite Three
Plant Based Emollient.
Silicone Like Skin Feel.
Short Playtime and Light Feel.

NATRALITE CHICK 2_edited.jpg

Natralite Camellia
Plant Based Emollient. 
Luxurious Silicone Skin Feel.
Skin and Hair Applications.

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