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Plant Based Alternative to Silicone

Natralite is a range of plant-based emollients with excellent spreading ability and quick skin absorption giving a luxurious, smooth skin feel similar to silicone oil.

Natralite products are formulated using natural ingredients or derivatives of natural products. The unique composition of these products combines a care and protection.

Silicone-free . EO/PEG-free . Acrylate-free . EDTA-free 

Preservative Free . High Stability

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Natralite One

Natralite One makes the skin pleasurably soft and smooth, bringing a velvet skin feel. With a unique composition of natural derived ingredients and bioactive components, Natralite One offers excellent skin care and absorption. Olive Squalene is known to be a natural active ingredient that cares intensively and brings smoothness to the skin and Thai Rice Bran Oil is rich in bioactive compounds such as IP6, CoQ10 and Gamma-Oryzanol.


Natralite Camellia

Natralite Camellia has a shorter playtime on skin with fast absorbtion and leaves no oily film on the skin. Natralite Camellia is recommended for use in skin and hair care products. Its composition includes Camellia Japonica Oil, (Tsubaki Oil,) which is traditionally used in hair care in Asia. The product is ideal for scalp, hair and beard care products making the hair pleasurably soft and bringing a natural shine
and protection to hair. Natralite Camellia is recommended for all skin and hair types.

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