Plant Based Emollient

Silicone-like Skin Feel

Real Skin Caring Properties

Hair and Skin Applications

High Stability

Easy Formulation

Natralite Camellia is the newest addition to BioAktive's Natralite range of ingredients.


Natralite Camellia has a short playtime on the skin with fast absorbtion and leaves no oily film on the skin. Natralite Camellia is recommended for use in skin and hair care products.


Its composition includes Camellia Japonica Oil, (Tsubaki Oil,) which is traditionally used in hair care in Asia.


The product is ideal for scalp, hair and beard care products making the hair pleasurably soft and bringing a natural shine and protection to hair.


Natralite Camellia is recommended for all skin and hair types.

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Plant Based Emollient

Smooth Silicone-like Touch

Skin & Hair Care