BioAktive SoyButter Olive

An innovative new range of high quality cost effective butters for use in Cosmetic and Personal Care formulations

Advantages of SoyButter Olive

  • 100% from vegetable and renewable source

  • Unique pleasurable skin feel

  • Easy penetration onto and into skin

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to formulate

  • Long minimum shelf life thru stabilization with natural tocopherols; up to 24 months

  • Soybean guarantees a high security of supply

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BioAktive Soybutter Olive was launched in early 2017 in order to meet our customer and distributor demand for a new and interesting butter to serve the skin care market.

It is based on Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and is stabilized with natural tocopherols.  The result is a high-quality vegetable derived butter blend at competitive price with a unique skin feel that stands out in the market.

Semi-solid natural plant derived products bring smoothness & excellent feel to a wide range of skin care products as well as conditioners for hair.

SoyButter Olive

INCI: Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil & Hydrogenated Soybean Oil & Tocopherol

Shelf life: 24 months

Recommended Usage

Recommended level of use: 1-25 %.
In mono-products such as lip balms  use up to 100%.

Custom SoyButters available based on end user demands. MOQ 250 kilo.

SoyButter Olive Applications

Our SoyButter Olive has strong functionality, acting as a binder and emollient with easy application, deep penetration and significant moisture retention together with high nourishing properties. The Hydrogenated Soybean Oil provides a unique smooth skin feel. Along with the vegetable oils used these new butter types are excellent for use in:

•Baby products

•Creams and lotions

•Anti-Aging formulations

•Lip Sticks

•Lip Balms

•Body moisturizers

Vegan Alternative to Beeswax

Beeswax is widely used in cosmetics  because it provides consistency to a formula. Therefore it is used in creams and lip balms. But Beeswax does also bring positive effect to skin, such as caring, protecting and humidifying.

For Vegans cosmetics our SoyButter Olive is a perfect substitute and all-rounder, because it brings same efficiency to finished formulas and to human skin.

Another alternative would be Callendila Wax or Carnauba Wax indeed. But Hydrogenated Soy Oil provides more comprehensive care.

The low odour of our SoyButters allows its use in all kinds of facial products, f.e. also for popular men’s grooming products.