Olive SuperPrime

Innovative mono-product. Made by partial hydrogenation of cold pressed Olive oil. Hydrogenation is done in state-of-the-art nickel catalyst used in food industry. Very smooth and weak texture. It allows manufacture of very creamy and smooth emulsions. It can improve spreadability of finished products. 


  • Anti foaming properties

  • Reduction of palm derived ingredients

  • Pleasurable skin feel

  • Mono ingredient product, 1 INCI

  • Builds structure in formulation

  • Better spreading of finished product

  • Made from natural materials

  • Promotes increased viscosity

  • Increased emulsion stability

Anti Foaming Effect


Fatty alcohols used in cosmetic products cause a foaming effect when gas bubbles collapse during application on the skin. To avoid this foaming effect Olive SuperPrime can be used as part of the formulation. Olive SuperPrime is an ideal ingredient to reduce reliance on palm derived fatty alcohols.


In low viscosity emulsions formulators may substitute at least part of the fatty alcohol content with Olive SuperPrime. In high viscosity formulations Olive SuperPrime can be added and partially replace fatty alcohols.