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BioAktive Specialty Products
al Derived, Innovative, Functional Ingredients

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Featured Ingredients

A Portfolio of Innovative Plant Based Products. 

Applications in Personal Care and Cosmetics.


Corn Multigrain Postbiotic Active for Gentle Skin Cleansing and Oil Regulation


Camellia Based Postbiotic Active for Mature and Dry Skin

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Rice Based Postbiotic Active for Sensitive and Distressed Skin

Astaxanthin as a Water Dispersible Emulsion. Stable. Clean. Easy


Plant Based Emollient with a Silicone Like Skin Feel. Short Playtime and Light Feel


Plant Based Emollient with a Silicone Like Luxurious Skin Feel. Camellia Japonica Oil for Skin and Hair Applications.


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About BioAktive

BioAktive Specialty Products is part of BioAktive Group, a US company operating at the intersection of chemistry and life sciences. We provide best in class ingredients and solutions for a range of industries and applications.


BioAktive Specialty Products

A portfolio of innovative, functional, plant based products with applications in personal care and cosmetics.

Why Choose BioAktive

Agile & Adaptable

With a lean structure, we can rapidly adapt to market trends and customer needs. Innovation is at the core of what we do.

Attentive Service

We believe in personalized service. Our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting your unique needs To us, you're not just a client, you're a valued partner.


We're committed to protecting our planet. We offer sustainable products and  use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible throughout our supply chain.


We value trust and practice business with openness. From sourcing to manufacturing, you'll always know exactly what you're getting— premium, trustworthy ingredients.

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