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100% Olive Derived

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BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane)

Technical Facts

INCI Name:  Squalane

Appearance: Colorless limpid liquid

CAS#: 111-01-3

EINICS#: 203-825-6

Purity: 92.0% Minimum

Advantages of BioAktive S1A Olive Squalane

  • Best Quality Product on the market

  • 92%+ Purity

  • Tested by C.N.R.S. and guaranteed from Olive

  • Low Peroxide Value

  • Made in European Union

  • Control from raw materials to delivery

BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) is a derivative of our squalene (BioAktive S1E 100% Olive) that is derived through hydrogenation. This highly stable hydrocarbon and triterpine is made from 100% natural olive unsaponifiables and is colorless and odorless.


While squalene is nature’s perfect skin care ingredient, because of its pure unsaponifiable content, it is prone to oxidation and therefore a reduced shelf life and in some cases may impact formulation stability. Hydrogenation into squalane overcomes these issues and makes BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) an ideal product for use in the skin care products. BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) has a guaranteed purity of 92% or greater, making it a superior product for use in many cosmetic and personal care products. It is an ideal natural and sustainable alternative to shark derived product and an alternative to mineral oils and hydrated polyisobutenes.


BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) helps hydrate and protect the skin and is believed by many to be an essential ingredient in formulations that treat dry, itchy and damaged skin. With high spreadability and skin absorption, it is not greasy, leaving a smooth and satin skin feel on and penetrating deeply into the epidermis. It also helps in pigment dispersion in products such as BB Creams and is a good fixative in perfume compositions.

Isotope Analysis

We co-operate with French Institut Science Analytiques CNRS where we test our manufactoring batches for authenticity. Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IMRS) is well-known to control the ratios of stable isotopes of a molecule which are related to its origin.  This testing method is not only able to identify pure Shark liver oil derived Squalene or Olive derived Squalene but also blends between these sources. 

Known Properties

BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) cares intensively and reduces the roughness of the skin. Squalane is naturally present at over 10% in the human sebum, making it take completely to the skin and giving deep absorption. It brings pleasurable smoothness to the skin and is an ideal skin care ingredient. Squalane is a natural emollient that has been proven to play a role in maintaining skin health, carrying oxygen directly into the body.

Applications of BioAktive S1E Olive Squalene

BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) allows for steady and good formulation properties and is perfect as a base for all kind of creams and lotions. It is recommended for both young and mature and does not leave a greasy film but is rather fully absorbed by the skin. It can also be used in scalp & hair care products, sun care products (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-Tanning), skin care products (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, and Baby care). It is especially useful in formulations for anti-aging and for damaged hair where is nourishes and provides shine and conditioning.

Other information

BioAktive S1A 100% Olive (Squalane) may be used from 1-10%. This product is available in 21.5 kg pail and 190kg drum. This product is solvent free, not tested on animal. Manufactured in European Union. Our product is 100% Olive derived. We guarantee the origin of Squalane by innovative 13C/12C isotope analysis Storage: In a cool dry area at room temperature (18-20°C). Shelf life 18 months.


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