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Lamellar Emulsion Concentrate as Vector System

DermaMaxx is a Lecithin based emulsion with ceramide-like characteristics and a non-occlusive, slight film forming ability. It helps to restore skin health and cares for dry and damaged skin, as well as acne and atopic skin. With its unique technology, DermaMaxx allows the development of formulas with

lamellar structure.

DermaMaxx is an excellent humectant and supports TEWL regulation, reducing skin roughness and making is pleasurably smooth. Physically close to the horny layer's lipid skin barrier, DermaMaxx fosters skin regeneration, functioning as a Vector system allowing for penetration and delivery of active

ingredients into the skin.

DermaMaxx can be used in Cosmetic & Personal Care, Softcare and Dermo-cosmetic products and is also recommended for baby care products.

For emulsion manufacture add 20-40% and combine with thickener, active ingredient and fragrance of your choice.

If used as active ingredient we recommend a use of >5%.

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