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Emulsion Concentrate
Simple       Scalable       Effective
HydraMaxx + H2O + Active/Fragrance

HydraMaxx is a concentrated emulsion system designed to create skin care products with ease by adding water to create different levels of viscosity and consistency.


HydraMaxx comes as an opaque Lipogel with low water content. By adding water to the concentrate, and stirring at room temperature, the emulsion builds up to a final form, based on the amount of water added.  No heating, homogenization or any other technical steps are needed.

This unique semi-finished Lipogel base offers many possibilities for manufacturers allowing for the production of a range of products.  HydraMaxx is free of EO/PEG, Silicone, Acrylate, EDTA and Mineral Oil.

Highly recommended for contract manufacturing business giving full flexibility.

Effective for a high quality emulsion or use as an emulsion base



Add water at different concentrations to create your desired result, from rich butters to creams to lotions to sprayable emulsions


Cost effective

Cold manufacturing process – no heating or homogenization steps needed



Highly adaptable for speed and volume giving you fast turnaround times



Uses only natural derived raw materials

Technical Facts

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