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BioAktive Pop Candy

High Quality - Competitive Pricing


BioAktive Specialty Products has a full range of popping candy products that we supply to end users and distribution partners in markets around the world. Our high quality and low cost popping candy can be used for a range of applications both in food and personal care and is manufactured under high quality conditions and supplied at highly competitive prices.


The product is manufactured by applying CO2 under super- atmospheric pressure to sugar as the product crystalizes into candy. When these gasified sugar granules come into contact with moisture, in someone’s mouth or in a liquid, the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing its characteristic popping sensation as well as crackling and fizzing sounds. 

Pop Candy Options



Uncoated for instant effect upon contact with moisture. Coated with Cocoa Butter / Cocoa Butter Replacer depending on your application. Coating popping candy allows it to go through a manufacturing process without losing its unique properties. It also leads to a slight delay in its effects.



Natural or flavored with a variety of flavor options, based on customer requirements. Flavor blends are also available.



Natural color or colored with a large variety of options including color blends.



Standard CO2 levels at 5% or CO2 levels can be adapted based on your requirements



Standard Granule sizes are .5 to 4.5mm but the range can be adjusted based on your specific needs.



Bulk or prepackaged in branded pouches with your information and design on the package.

“Innovation is not only reserved to the trendiest chefs, also ice cream shops and chocolate stores and even local bakeries, cupcakeries or doughnutteries can add a dash of fun to their creations.”

Pop Candy Applications


BioAktive Popping Candy can be combined with chocolate by either enrobing or filling, to create various new products. Successful applications include chocolate bars, slabs, moulded figurines such as eggs or balls, or chocolate spreads.


BioAktive Popping Candy can be sprinkled on desserts and it can be mixed with cereals. When milk is added to the bowl of cereal, fun starts popping out loud!


BioAktive Popping Candy can be added as a sprinkle topping to many kinds of desserts and pastry products and it is especially successful when combined with chocolate. No doubt BioAktive Popping Candy will punk up your dessert!


BioAktive Popping Candy can be applied easily to ice creams in many different ways, like filling or coating. Results are always surprising when combining popping candy with ice creams.


BioAktive Popping Candy can be used in yogurts by packing it to a side case or placing it inside the cover on the top of the container. For milkshakes it can be packed to a separate envelope.

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