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BioAktive Launches New Products at NYSCC Suppliers Day

BioAktive Specialty Products will be launching 4 new products at the NYSCC Suppliers Day this May 15-16. With a strong existing portfolio in lipid based emollients, oils, butters, squalane and squalene, these new products represent a new stage of functional product development for BioAktive.

"These products are the first step in a series of new product developments we have underway." Says Robin Willmann, BioAktive co-founder. "We are very excited about these products and have strong interest already from our existing customers with great distributor feedback."

BioAktive's new products continue to stay in line with its portfolio. all of the products are natural derived and plant/vegetable based.

These products represent a slight departure though in that they are targeting specific types of functionality and are geared to more specific markets and creating value added benefits not just for the end product, but also around what makes the most business sense for end users.

"Our customers already know that they can depend on for great quality and service," says Willmann. "We will be presenting unique and value added products at Suppliers Day. Some of our key accounts are already giving us great product feedback and we are very excited to take this to the larger market. NYSCC Suppliers Day is the perfect venue for this."


BioAktive's new products launching at Suppliers Day include:

HydraMaxx is an emulsion concentrate designed for simplicity and scalability and geared towards mid sized contract manufacturers who need fast turnaround times and product flexibility.

DermaMaxx is a lecithin based lamellar concentrate as vector system. DermaMaxx has great penetration and is geared towards Softcare and Dermo-Cosmetics as a natural formulation base for delivering actives to the skin.

NatraSoft is a natural derived alterntive to silicone. It has the feel and touch of silicone and delivers real skin care and nourishment.

Castorline is BioAktive's natural vegan wax jelly, a natural alternative to petrolatum or petroleum jelly.


BioAktive will be exhibiting at the NYSCC Suppliers Day at the Jacob Javitz Center Booth 976 May 15-16 2018.

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