BioAktive Focuses on New Products for Core Portfolio

As part of a move away from commodities and toward expanding its brand of plant based functional products, BioAktive Specialty Products (BioAktive) is shifting the focus of its portfolio cosmetic ingredients in order to focus on a new set of core products. The US based company will continue to provide its existing customers and business partners with products they have been supplying but will cease to market and promote these products to the industry.

"We want to focus less on commodity products and more on where we have interesting products and strong positioning." Robin Willmann, BioAktive's co-founder says. We have spent the last few years developing some very innovative plant based products. These products provide real value and functionality to the market. Many of our old products, such as our line of butters and range of carrier oils, have become commodities."

The BioAktive core portfolio will consist of the following ingredients:

Natralite - A range of plant based emollients with silicone like feel

Castorline - A Natural vegan alternative to petrolatum

HydraMaxx - A range of cold process emulsion concentrates

DermaMaxx - A lamellar emulsion concentrate as a vector system

Olive Range - Our legacy range of Olive derivatives including squalane, squalene and olive based butters

BioAxta - Astaxanthin for use in cosmetics, a highly potent antioxidant

Aktivol Cosmetic Oils - Selected unique oils including Thai Rice Bran oil and Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) oil.

"These products represent the core of what we are doing," says Solomon Matzner, BioAktive's Co-founder. "We will still support our existing customers with the same great products we always have, but we are not goin to actively promote them. Instead these newer products are much more compelling and the industry is changing. Clients are looking for plant based products to serve as alternatives to silicone oils and petrolatum, or to add value and scalability."

About BioAktive

With offices in the USA, Germany, China and Hong Kong, BioAktive Group Inc is a supplier of ingredients and raw materials founded by veterans of the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We provide best in class ingredients and supply chain solutions for a range of industries and applications.​

We carry our own BioAktive brand of ingredients in personal care, cosmetics, nutrition and food and work with our partners in a wide range of industry segments on sourcing, supply chain management and operational solutions.

BioAktive is an agile supplier, putting emphasis on product selection, R&D, market knowledge, marketing and distribution. We are strategic, pragmatic and solution oriented, working to ensure high quality, reliability of supply and cost effectiveness. We have strong relationships with contract manufacturers, R&D partners, our network of exclusive distribution partners and other strategic partners.

For more information about Natralite or any other information about BioAktive and our products, please email us

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