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NatraSoft Silicone Alternative Leads BioAktive's Portfolio at in-Cosmetics

Following in-cosmetics asia in Bangkok earlier this month, overwhelming interest in NatraSoft, BioAktive's natural alternative to silicone, has made it one of the company's flagship products.

"The feedback and interest has been better than we could have hoped for." said Robin Willmann, BioAktive co-founder based in Germany. "We knew that there would be interest, but the feedback we have on the product and overall amount of interest has be truly fantastic. Now we need to really focus on ensuring we have enough product to support our end users and business partners to keep up with their demand."

Willmann explains that the idea behind NatraSoft was to create a natural alternative to silicone that also had the benefits of natural plant based materials for skin care. "We have been able to do that." he explained. "The product goes on wet with excellent spread and then leave a great feel with a dry and velvety finish, just like a silicone. And the product has Olive Squalane, Olive Squalene and Thai Rice Bran oil, which means that it has real skin caring capabilities."

With a global market supply of silicone very tight and a trend towards natural skin care, the company has strong interest in the product in Europe and North America following a soft launch at Suppliers Day in New York. Many companies are reformulating existing products without silicone and developing new silicone free products. Companies are looking for new alternative ingredients to help them achieve this goal.

In Asia though, where Silicone is used for for a combination of reasons, both for skin feel, but also as an anti-foaming agent, the trend towards naturals is only starting to take hold in the market. Led by Japanese and Korean companies and followed by demand from the China market, more consumers are aware of the difference between natural products and products that have a natural claim. Consumers are more and more willing to pay a premium for an all natural product.

"Selling natural lipids based products in Asia has challenges." says Solomon Matzner, BioAktive co-founder. "There is a lack of experience formulating with oils, or maybe the company just wants to make a natural claim. In Southeast Asia, where it is hot and humid, the sticky environment means that the consumer doesnt want products that leave a lipid layer or greasy felling on the skin."

"This is really starting to change now." Says Mr Matzner. "NatraSoft is the right product, at the right time. Asia is making the transition to natural and our product has had great feedback from the market. Our product is also unique in that we offer a product that gives that satin skin feel of a silicone, but it also comes with proven skin caring properties."

About BioAktive

With offices in the USA, Germany, China and Hong Kong, BioAktive Group Inc is a supplier of ingredients and raw materials founded by veterans of the pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

We provide best in class ingredients and supply chain solutions for a range of industries and applications. We carry our own BioAktive brand of ingredients in personal care, cosmetics, nutrition and food and work with our partners in a wide range of industry segments on sourcing, supply chain management and operational solutions.

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