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BioAktive Expands NatraSoft Range with NatraSoft Camellia

BioAktive Specialty Products has launched NatraSoft Camellia, the latest addition the company's NatraSoft range of products. This new addition to the range of natural, plant derived emollients, incorporates new natural derived materials such as Camellia Japonica oil, making for excellent spreading ability and quick skin penetration, combining the soft skin feel and light touch of a silicone oil with natural and proven efficacy.

"NatraSoft Camellia is the second in what we plan as a range of products that provide the feel and touch of a silicone, but are made of natural and plant derived materials," says Solomon Matzner, BioAktive Co-Founder. "There is a gap in the market for natural based products that can be used to as an alternative to synthetic or petroleum based materials. This product is important for us. It fits right into this gap in the market and really follows the natural trend. We are expecting good results."

NatraSoft Camellia is slightly more dry on the skin than the original Natrasoft. Its composition including BioAktive's Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) oil also makes it an excellent product for hair care products as well as for the skin.

"We wanted to have a product that was functional for body and for hair." says Robin Willmann, BioAktive's Co-Founder. "Given our excellent position on Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) oil, we wanted to develop a product with hair care applications using this product. Many of our customers liked NatraSoft and wanted to have a product that could be used for haircare applications."

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