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BioAktive Appoints Excel Specialty Chemical as Distributor for Malaysia

BioAktive Specialty Products (BioAktive) has appointed Excel Specialty Chemical as their exclusive distributor in Malaysia. The company will now handle all of BioAktive's in Malaysia, including its current pipeline of projects with Malaysian customers.

With a strong interest in natural products for in Malaysian Market following global trends, this move follows the repositioning of its portfolio focusing on a new set of plant based function ingredients and the continued expansion of BioAktive's distribution network in Asia. With Excel Specialty Chemical's deep experience in the industry, this partnership will both help BioAktive to establish a foothold in Malaysia and enrich Excel Specialty Chemical's offering to its existing customer base.

"BioAktive is dynamic, supportive and flexible. This totally fits our business concept and their products fit perfectly with the trends," says Grace Chan of Excel Specialty Chemical. "We will be able to blend well together. BioAktive's natural products compliment our current portfolio which our Natural formulators need. We see great potential for their products, especially HydraMaxx, because it is so unique as a cold process emulsion base, Natralite because of its amazing skin feel and skin caring properties and Dermamaxx, because of its lamellar structure and luxurure skin feel."

“We chose Excel Specialty Chemical because of its strong leadership, deep experience and because of our personal relationships," says Solomon Matzner of BioAktive. "We know they are transparent, reliable and incredibly hands-on with their customers. Working with them is a real no-brainer for us. We know that they have the right experience and understand the value proposition of our products."

About BioAktive

BioAktive is a supplier of functional, plant-derived ingredients for use personal care and cosmetics. Our products are inspired by nature and designed to provide real value and functionality for our customers as they develop products in skin care, hair care, cosmetics, soaps and toiletries. Our portfolio includes natural-derived alternatives to common chemical products such as silicone oils and petroleum jelly as well as plant based functional ingredients such as our emulsion concentrates and other lipid based emollients. BioAktive is BioAktive Specialty Products, part of BioAktive Group Inc, a US company supplying best in class ingredients, raw materials and solutions across industries.

About Excel Specialty Chemical

Excel Specialty Chemical is a market leader in chemical distribution in Malaysia, providing the Malaysian industry with innovative, high quality raw materials and good levels of customer service. The company offers customers a completely integrated service, from dedicated R&D support to efficient delivery of products to manufacturing plants. Excel's partners are world-class chemical manufacturers from various countries and their customers are leaders in their respective industries.

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