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Olive Superprime: Sustainable Alternative to Palm Derived Fatty Acid Alcohols

Updated: Jun 6

The cosmetics industry has long relied on palm-derived fatty acid alcohols due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. However, growing environmental concerns necessitate a shift towards more sustainable alternatives. Olive Superprime, a partially hydrogenated olive oil product from BioAktive Specialty Products, presents a compelling solution and can partially replace palm-derived fatty acid alcohols in skincare formulations, offering a sustainable and technically proficient alternative.

Understanding Palm-Derived Fatty Acid Alcohols

Palm-derived fatty acid alcohols include compounds like cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetostearyl alcohol. These fatty alcohols are widely used in skincare formulations for their emollient, emulsifying, and stabilizing properties.

They help to:

  • Emulsify: Blend water and oil phases, creating stable emulsions.

  • Thicken: Increase the viscosity of formulations, providing body and structure.

  • Emollient: Soften and smooth the skin, enhancing the sensory experience.

Despite their functional benefits, palm-derived fatty acid alcohols come with significant downsides, primarily related to sustainability.

The Downsides of Palm-Derived Fatty Acid Alcohols

Environmental Impact: The cultivation of palm oil is associated with deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and significant greenhouse gas emissions. Large-scale palm plantations contribute to habitat destruction and the displacement of wildlife, particularly in tropical regions.

Social Issues: The palm oil industry has faced criticism for poor labor practices, including low wages, unsafe working conditions, and child labor. There are also disputes over land rights, often leading to the displacement of indigenous communities.

Market Volatility: The reliance on palm oil subjects the cosmetics industry to market fluctuations and supply chain disruptions, which can affect the availability and cost of palm-derived ingredients.

Olive Superprime: A Sustainable and Functional Alternative

Olive Superprime is derived from 100% cold-pressed olive oil through a partial hydrogenation process. This product offers a sustainable alternative to palm-derived fatty acid alcohols with several technical advantages.

Key Properties of Olive Superprime
  1. Anti-Foaming Properties: Olive Superprime naturally suppresses foam formation, a crucial factor in creating smooth, stable skincare formulations.

  2. Emulsification and Stabilization: Like palm-derived fatty alcohols, Olive Superprime is an effective emulsifier, ensuring stable emulsions and preventing separation over time.

  3. Texture and Viscosity: It enhances the viscosity and texture of formulations, providing a rich and luxurious feel.

  4. Moisturizing and Emollient: Rich in fatty acids, Olive Superprime offers excellent moisturization, softening the skin and improving its barrier function.

Technical Application in Skincare Formulations

Hydrogenation Process: The partial hydrogenation of olive oil increases its melting point and transforms it into a semi-solid state. This modification enhances its stability and functionality in various formulations.

Emulsification and Anti-Foaming: Olive Superprime acts as an effective emulsifier, blending oil and water phases smoothly. Its anti-foaming properties ensure that the final product has a desirable, foam-free texture, essential for creams and lotions.

Viscosity and Structure: By increasing the viscosity, Olive Superprime helps build body and structure in formulations. This property is particularly beneficial for creating thick, luxurious products such as body butters and rich creams.

Moisturization and Sensory Experience: Olive Superprime provides deep hydration, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Its smooth texture enhances the overall sensory experience, making it a preferred ingredient for high-end skincare products.

Sustainability Benefits

Natural and Renewable Source: Olive Superprime is derived from olives, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly source compared to palm oil. Sustainable olive cultivation practices help reduce the ecological footprint.

Reduced Environmental Impact: By replacing palm-derived fatty alcohols with Olive Superprime, formulators can mitigate the adverse environmental effects associated with palm oil cultivation, such as deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Ethical Sourcing: Olive Superprime aligns with ethical sourcing practices, ensuring fair labor conditions and supporting local economies involved in olive cultivation.


Olive Superprime represents a sustainable and technically proficient alternative to palm-derived fatty acid alcohols in skincare formulations. Its anti-foaming properties, combined with its ability to emulsify, stabilize, and enhance the texture of products, make it an ideal replacement. By incorporating Olive Superprime, formulators can create high-quality, environmentally friendly skincare products that meet the growing consumer demand for sustainability.

Learn More

For cosmetic chemists and formulators looking to harness the latest advancements in skincare science, Olive Superprime offers a compelling option. More details about this innovative ingredient can be found by visiting the Olive Superprime Product Page.

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