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Strong Interest in BioAktive's New Products at NYSCC Supplier Day

There was keen interest from visitors in the newest products in Bioaktive's evolving portfolio at NYSCC Suppliers Day this month. BioAktive used this as an opportunity to showcase the newest product in its Natralite range of silicone alternatives and to test the waters with Lactoryzol, BioAktive's new postbiotic active. Both of these products had great feedback from customers and business partners in addition to the company's BioAxta Astaxanthin Oil and Castorline, BioAktive's plant based alternative to petrolatum.

"It was really a great show," said Robin Willmann, BioAktive Co-founder. "This was really the reception we were hoping for." Natralite Three, the newest in the lineup of emollients with a silicone skin feel had good feedback for the skin feel and the competitive pricing and was of interest to clients as a new superfatting agent. "It isn’t easy when you are replacing a synthetic product. With Natralite Three we are confident that our product isn’t only going to be geared towards the high end customers, but because of affordability and the unique INCI profile of our blend, that this is a product with a much larger appeal."

Lactoryzol is a new product that also had strong interest from partners and customers. BioAktive has been developing this product for some time and is preparing to launch it commercially in the third quarter of 2022. "This is a great product." said Willmann. "We have put tremendous resources into developing Lactoryzol and have very strong data behind it." Lactoryzol is a postbiotic ferment of rice by Lactobacillus and has very compelling in-vivo data. "We have great data from in-vivo testing of Lactoryzol showing improved skin hydration, skin tone evening and reduction in skin sensitivity as well as anti-wrinkle effect and potential to improve skin penetration."

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About BioAktive Specialty Products

BioAktive is a supplier of functional, plant-derived ingredients for use personal care and cosmetics. Our products are inspired by nature and designed to provide real value and functionality for our customers as they develop products in skin care, hair care, cosmetics, soaps and toiletries.​

Our portfolio includes natural-derived alternatives to common chemical products such as silicone oils and petroleum jelly as well as plant based functional ingredients such as our emulsion concentrates and other lipid based emollients.​

BioAktive Specialty Products is part of BioAktive Group is a US company operating at the intersection of chemistry and life sciences. We provide best in class ingredients and solutions for a range of industries and applications.

Our Business Lines include:

  • BioAktive Specialty Products; A portfolio of innovative, functional, plant based products with applications in personal care and cosmetics.

  • BSP Sourcing; A trusted sourcing partner for chemicals, raw materials and life sciences.

  • BSP Solutions; Strategy driven research and operational solutions for pharmaceutical, life sciences & chemical related businesses. With a focus on China/Asia in-bound and out-bound business, we work with our customers to provide pragmatic support and actionable solutions.

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