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BioAktive Rebrands Silicone Alternatives as Natralite

BioAktive has rebranded its range of plant based silicone alternatives as Natralite, part of a series of strategic changes that the company is making as it continues to focus on bringing innovative, functional, natural based ingredients to market for the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Now branded as Natralite, this is a range of plant derived products which function as an alternative to silicone in cosmetic and personal care formulations feature a unique skin feel similar to that of a silicone oil, the proven skin caring benefits of natural oils and exceptional stability in formulations.

The rebranding, effective from August 21 2019, consisted of a new brand name and tag lines for the product range, a new visual identity and expanded content.

Brand Name and Tag Line:


Plant Based Emollients

Smooth Silicone-like Touch

Real Skin Care

Robin Willmann, BioAktive's Co-founder says "The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company and the Natralite range of products. We are continuing to develop this range and have plans to launch a third product in this range soon. Customer feedback on these products has been outstanding and there is a real need for products like Natralite that can function as alternatives to silicone oils."

This rebranding is also geared at helping the company to effectively promote this product range with distributors and enter new markets.

"This rebranding will help support our distributors and partners in achieving better penetration and impact both in our existing markets and new markets we are entering as we continue to expand our footprint."

Current the Natralite range features Natralite One, which is geared about skin care and has a composition including Thai Rice Bran Oil, and Natralite Camellia, which can be used in both hair care and skin care and has a composition including Camellia Japonica Oil.

To learn more about Natralite, please visit

About BioAktive

With offices in the USA, Germany, China and Hong Kong, BioAktive Group Inc is a supplier of ingredients and raw materials founded by veterans of the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We provide best in class ingredients and supply chain solutions for a range of industries and applications.​

We carry our own BioAktive brand of ingredients in personal care, cosmetics, nutrition and food and work with our partners in a wide range of industry segments on sourcing, supply chain management and operational solutions.

BioAktive is an agile supplier, putting emphasis on product selection, R&D, market knowledge, marketing and distribution. We are strategic, pragmatic and solution oriented, working to ensure high quality, reliability of supply and cost effectiveness. We have strong relationships with contract manufacturers, R&D partners, our network of exclusive distribution partners and other strategic partners.

For more information about Natralite or any other information about BioAktive and our products, please email us

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